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Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Area: 91 m²

The task: The owners of the apartment who are successful entrepreneurs, sought to organize the maximum of space, emphasized by “pure” colors: white, blue, and wenge.

The result: To achieve the desired result, the wall between the living room and the kitchen was dismantled, leaving only a small part in the center. In the living room, we placed a comfortable sofa, and the work area was separated by a refined dividing wall, with a pattern that is present also in the interior. The kitchen is not only stylish but also as comfortable as possible. An “island” in the center with an artificial stone desktop can be used both as a table and as an additional place for cooking. Moreover, it also provides some extra storage space. This is the second project we have developed together with our clients.

Kitchen-living room


Guest room


Kitchen balcony

Bedroom balcony


Guest bathroom

Main bathroom

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