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Does the studio work only in Lviv, or you can develop a project in other cities?

We can develop a project in other cities. The most remote object we worked on was 700 km away from Lviv in Chernihiv.

Do you work only on complex projects of apartments and houses, or it is possible to order the design of a separate room?

We can also design a separate room.

How long does it take to develop a design project?

It all depends on the order volume. We have experience in developing projects from 45 sq.m. up to 2500 sq.m.(Shket and Faina Store in Vinnytsia). Depending on the client’s needs, we form a team that works on the design project to develop the design in time. Regarding private apartments or houses of 100 sq.m., the most convenient terms of project development are usually 1.5-2 months, depending on the package of services.

Where can I get skilled workers to implement the project?

We can give recommendations of the proper specialists who can implement the developed project or implement it under their own control with the guarantee of the studio.

How much do your services cost?

For a detailed description of services with prices and examples, see
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