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Як оформити зону ТБ

TV zone. What should be paid attention to?

Almost every interior has a TV. We are used to the comfort of watching a good movie or playing a PlayStation on a big screen.
But when we start designing the TV area, there are questions that arise in the process – what to pay attention to, how to place it correctly in the interior, where to hide the wires, etc.

How to arrange a TV zone?

Each interior is unique, absolutely each one. So choosing ready-made furniture sets is a priori a bad idea.
Then the story begins, when it is lacking three centimeters or the TV itself needs to be moved somewhere to the side, etc.
In general, such designs can bring a lot of trouble.

The ideal option for a functional TV area is ordering it individually. Everything is clear, as you need, and most importantly, you can make it extremely functional, add as many shelves as you need, etc.
When you don’t want to order a separate TV area, you can choose a convenient and stylish chest of drawers to match the style of the interior or a cabinet.

If you want to hide the TV, you can install it on a wall of the same color (it will blend in and be visually less noticeable) or hide it in a wardrobe.
However, on the contrary, there is another option that highlights the wall with the TV in a contrasting color to the general interior.

Of course, the TV is not a thing of first necessity, and a certain number of people gradually give it up, preferring peace and informational silence.

However, for a fairly large segment of the population, the topic is quite relevant!

More about the project

We are all unique. We have different dreams and different role models. Most importantly, each of us is comfortable in our own way and we know where and under what circumstances.
An interior that eloquently declares: “My owner is a young football player!”
One of the main wishes was to decorate the room in the colors of the favorite club – yellow and black.
The interior turned out to be bright, “live” and functional. We have created quite a lot of space to store existing awards, cups, certificates, and future ones.
The room has many lighting scenarios, accent lights, and additional lighting in the work area for comfort.
The bed with a lifting mechanism for additional storage was placed.
We also placed a large, capacious wardrobe and a hanging cabinet under the TV.

Interiors should be beautiful because talents grow up there!

Location: the village of Zubra
Project: Noir
Area: 17.3 m²



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