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Тренди інтер'єру кухні 2023

Kitchen interior design trends 2023

Trends change every year, but we don’t do repairs that often, do we?
Therefore, it is worth choosing an interior for the kitchen that will be relevant for the years ti come.
When selecting an interior for our own apartments, we follow our own wishes and offers on the market, interpreting them for ourselves. All fashionable trends in the field of interior design 2023 are related to the search for the ideal solution to create a harmonious and comfortable space that corresponds to the realities of our days.

Trends in the kitchen interior

Smoothly from 2022 to 2023, the trend shifted to simplicity and practicality in designs.
Flashy colors and pomp have changed to something more classic, minimalist with basic shades.
We are increasingly turning to ecological motifs and geometric patterns. A variety of fashionable styles, colors and materials allows you to choose a stylish and practical kitchen for you.
One of the most popular styles are those that combine external simplicity and ergonomics. For example, practical modern, strict neoclassical, stylish Scandinavian, etc.
Elegant simplicity, straight lines and pastel shades have come into fashion.
First of all, different variations of beige – from light shades of sand dunes to brighter wheat, as well as honey, milk, champagne, cappuccino, vanilla, etc.
The most popular is a combination of beige and light gray, which can be diluted with a more accent color.
Fairly light airy colors that add space to the interior of the kitchen.
Also among the trends are sandy, clay and ground colors, green plant shades, colors of stones and minerals, deep tones of blue and sea turquoise, softened berry and powdery floral colors.

It will be much easier to choose a stylish and practical kitchen at the same time if you contact us!
We will help create “your” ideal interior and can even bring it to life.
You just have to come in and enjoy the finished result!

More about the project

Let us introduce you this light and modern apartment project  for rent.
Let’s start with the kitchen-living room in delicate classic colors.
We combined quite successfully simplicity, convenience, functionality and brevity, reflecting beauty and comfort.
Only natural materials were used for decoration.
The area is small, but quite bright and spacious thanks to the large window in combination with pastel colors.
We have placed a bar where you can have breakfast or even work if necessary. Interiors should be beautiful, because they bring pleasure!

Location: Residential complex Barcelona, Kyiv
Project: Sheridans
Area: 20.4 m² (kitchen)


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