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перепланування інтер'єру

Replanning: what is possible and what is not?

When starting the repairs and designing the interior, we have to develop and plan everything as much functional and comfortable as possible, using every centimeter of the room with benefit.
Very often, in order to rationally implement ideas into life in the project, we conduct re-planning.

About replanning

If during the repair, you plan to manipulate the external or internal boundaries of the premises, which will change the plan of the house or the appearance of the building, set in the technical passport, then you need to know the following:

1. The relevant authorities will definitely not approve of that

Transformations that violate the stability of load-bearing walls, fire safety, and also worsen the living conditions of neighbors.

These include:

– increasing the bathroom at the expense of the rooms and placing it above the living space of the neighbors from the floor below;
– demolition or reduction of the ventilation box;
– floors insulation at the expense of the general heating system;
– blocking the source of natural light;
– closing access to risers and meters;
– dismantling of inter-apartment walls;
– moving water supply risers.

Regarding the rearrangement of the attic or mansard superstructure, this can only be done after obtaining a permit!
Everything that does not violate the stability of the load-bearing walls and the architectural appearance of the building is considered a cosmetic repair or decoration and does not require approval from the relevant authorities.

In case of replanning, contacting professionals will be a great advantage!
Tested for years, because often the owners do not know all the details that should be paid attention to when carrying out redevelopment!

More about the project

Elegant restraint for a real man.
Stylish, cozy, and a little brutal kitchen-living room. Oh, it takes one’s breath away! Our client is a young man who wanted to see his own home in a minimalist style, with the addition of black and gray colors.
As a result, we developed this incredible interior, following the wishes and adding accents!
Decorative plaster imitating concrete was used on the walls and ceiling.
Quartz vinyl was chosen for the floor covering. This is an extremely wearproof and durable material.
The kitchen itself was designed in a niche, highlighting the ceiling and facades in black.
Thanks to the re-planning, the free part of the hallway was used for a roomy wardrobe.

Interiors should be beautiful, we deserve it! The project is primarily practical and modern, with interesting details.
Do you need help with replanning or creating a design? Contact us!

Location: Lviv
Project: Dark Side
Area: 27 m²


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