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What should a modern kitchen be?

It may sound trite now, but, first of all, it is comfortable for you!
It doesn’t have to be big, because thanks to smart planning and design, even a small area can be viewed in a completely different way!
Of course, it is necessary to remember that the kitchen is all about functionality.

A few rules for a modern, comfortable kitchen

1. Placement is important

This is a story about convenience.
When everything should be at hand and according to zoning rules.
For example, everything you use every day should always be close to the cooking area.

2. The Triangle Rule works in the kitchen

Everyone who has faced kitchen renovation has heard about the working triangle
In the kitchen, it is formed by cooking, washing, and storage areas (stove, sink, and refrigerator).
These are areas that should be easily and freely accessed by the whole family!

3. What style to choose? It’s up to you!

We will help and show you many options according to your requests!
To make the space as much “yours” as possible – comfortable, functional, and beautiful!

4. Cabinets at a comfortable level for everyone

You need to find a balance in the placement of cabinets, neither low nor high. In such a way that it is convenient for everyone to use them.
Another important detail is that the cabinets should be spacious enough to store all the kitchen utensils.

5. The table as one of the most important elements of the kitchen

The table is a really basic thing in the kitchen. It is the place where the whole family gathers, tastes delicious dishes and discusses something!
Take care of the optimal size and high-quality comfortable chairs.

6. Accessories as important details.

Agree that a little decor in the kitchen adds atmosphere and freshness to the interior:
plants in pots, decorative dishes, etc.
These details refresh and make kitchens more interesting!

More about the project

As a result, our customers wanted an elegant practical kitchen with a calm color scheme.
In the long run, we created a wonderful and cozy space using warm gray tones.
They have set up a fairly large work area for culinary creations, the tabletop and apron are made of ceramic granite stoneware with a marble texture.
It looks quite refined and elegant.
The accent element of the design was the dining area with contrasting terracotta-colored chairs.
For lighting, magnetic black track lights were used, which perfectly combined with the hidden mounting handles.

Interiors should be beautiful because they make us complete!

Location: Rivne
Project: Gray
Area: 15.9 m²


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