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Варіанти реалізації дизайн-проєкту

How to implement a project design? There are 3 ways of events development

As we promised we’ll talk about what to do next with the project design. Why there are 3 different options? We understand that each of you has a different budget, so we offer possible ways, and you choose the one that suits you best.

Option 1.

You find a team of workmen, give them our instructions and carefully monitor the implementation process. With such cooperation, it is important that specialists are reliable, for example, recommended by acquaintances. In this way, you can reduce the risks of delayed work. In addition, you will know in advance what difficulties to expect in cooperation with such contractors.

Option 2.

You choose a team of workmen recommended by us. Since we have been working with such contractors for years and guarantee that they will complete the work on time and according to the project, you will avoid worrying about certain things. The main thing is that you can conclude a contract with them, where you enter the details that you consider important for cooperation.

Option 3.

You choose a turnkey design project. In that case, we do everything for you – we design, buy materials for work, order decorative elements, monitor the work of teams, communicate with other contractors, and even at the final stage, we place flower pots into the right spot. You get a ready-made house. This option is ideal for those who do not want to spend time on repairs.

Learn more about the project we visualized

A bold decision needs bold people.
This colored bathroom is undoubtedly for such clients!
Incredible Terrazzo tiles, a freestanding bath, and plenty of storage space are all client’s requests.

Thanks to the re-planning of the room, we have an additional shower area. Hidden lighting adds coziness and creates an atmosphere of relaxation in the bathroom.
Black faucets were added as an accent, contrasting nicely against the background of colored tiles.
We used Spanish Sanchis tile.

Interiors should be beautiful because you should surround yourself with the best.

Location: Lviv
Project: Family Nest
Area: 6.5 m²


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