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Renovation of an apartment for rent. Features

Housing rental service has always been in demand in Ukraine, especially in large regional centers. Not everyone can afford to buy a home right away, many rent while working in a big city and earn their living, and some do not stay in one place, so they constantly change rented apartments. There is demand on the market, but the supply wants better. Why? Because there are quite a lot of apartments that seem to be furnished like a 90s renovation.

Now, in the 21st century, we want a home that will meet all our needs in terms of comfort and style, even if it is rented. In fact, if you want to lease a home, having a good cosmetic or designer renovation is a big advantage over other options.

Making design renovations in an apartment or house, which are then planned to be leased, will be a good investment in future income.
“I plan to lease the apartment after the renovation” – you can often hear this from clients when discussing cooperation. If we talk about the process of creating a project design of an apartment for rent, then it is practically no different from the usual one, however, it has certain differences.

What conditions must be met to create a practical interior of an apartment for rent?

✔️ to determine the target audience to whom you plan to rent housing (students, couples, etc.)
✔️ to decide what budget you are ready to spend on repairs from A to Z
✔️ to choose the style in which you see the future design of the room

A designer will help you deal with all these details.
While working in the studio, we have repeatedly dealt with similar requests and know how to approach the work and perform it qualitatively.

More about the project

For example, this project is just made for lease.
We chose a practical style for the kitchen, combining white and olive colors with dark wood on the floor.
The kitchen itself is quite small, but it is as convenient as possible to use.
Perfect for rent to a young couple or older people.

Today, there is quite a lot of demand from tenants, so the housing for rent should be practical, stylish, and comfortable.
We will be happy to help you to create such housing for rent.
For consultations, contact us by direct messages 👌

Location: Lviv
Project: Scandinavian style
Area: 14.31m²


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