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How to choose a designer?

Choosing a designer is like choosing a doctor. You need to find the best professional, comfortable in communication, the one you can trust.
Trust is almost the most influential factor that should be relied on when choosing!
The designer will learn a lot about you and your way of life, and to some extent will be aware of your financial situation. Therefore, you definitely need to find your person to communicate and work with easily.

1. START LOOKING FOR A DESIGNER IN ADVANCE. Measurements, project development, coordination – save at least 2 months for this. You can save a lot of time, money, and your mental health if you invite a designer at the stage of comparing apartment options or designing a house.

2. CHOOSE YOUR STYLE. Decide in advance what style you like. To help the designer understand your idea and vision, find photos that inspire you and show them. You can make a collection of such images (references/mood boards) on Pinterest, Instagram, interior magazines, or websites. Review your reference together with the designer and discuss it in detail.

3. Search in the RIGHT way. Analyze both visualizations and implemented objects. This will allow us to assess both the level of the designer’s imagination and his ability to turn ideas into reality. Remember that not only the decor – beautiful furniture and the color of the walls – is important, but also the convenience of planning, lighting, and plumbing communications.

4. NARROW THE CIRCLE. Compare the portfolios and working conditions of the designers you are interested in. Evaluate punctuality, responsibility, and communication skills. Make an appointment, discuss the future interior and assess whether you feel comfortable communicating. You should not feel awkward or shy. The designer knows a lot better than you in his field, so he should express and justify his professional opinion. You have to cooperate and find compromises, assess whether you can be on the same team, so that the repair does not turn into a battlefield.

5. FORM THE RELATIONSHIP. Sign the contract, pay the advance and enjoy the process! If you choose the right designer and the team of executors, carefree renovation awaits you!

More about the project

We are sharing with you the angles of this incredible kitchen – living room!
The interior is made in a minimalist modern style.
The harmonious and stylish combination of dark black colors with gray and light white shades makes the project even more interesting.
Thanks to the kitchen island, we have increased the working surface of the kitchen, where you can prepare delicious meals or relax with a cup of coffee.
Facades with a texture of dark wood are perfectly combined with a light apron and a kitchen tabletop made of ceramic granite.
The kitchen turned out to be practical and stylish, with touches of contrast and continence.

Interiors should be beautiful because they should inspire us even while cooking!
Do you like it?

Location: Lviv
Project: Contrast
Area: 29.5 m²


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