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Laminate or Quartz Vinyl? Advantages and disadvantages.

The quartz-vinyl floor combines the advantages of many popular today’s floor coverings, while it has very few disadvantages. The wealth of design features, the availability of different classes of wear resistance, and a variety of installation methods open up wide opportunities for the use of quartz-vinyl flooring.

Advantages of quartz-vinyl floor

Its main advantages can be considered a strength in combination with plasticity and extremely long service life, which can range from 10 to 35 years. The following advantages can be also highlighted:

  1. Care

Quartz-vinyl is moisture-resistant and does not accumulate dust. The floor can be wiped with an ordinary detergent (which does not contain abrasive additives).
Laminate, on the other hand, requires mandatory wiping dry after wet cleaning to avoid water getting into the joints. It is prone to the formation of traces and is not friendly with wet vacuum cleaners.⠀

2.  Resistance to influences

First, quartz-vinyl floor is moisture-resistant.
If the joints of the laminate, when exposed to moisture, can begin to deform, and the appearance of the covering itself becomes unusable, then quartz-vinyl is not threatened.
Second, this floor is resistant to temperature changes.
In addition, it can withstand being in the same room with aggressive environments (alkali, alcohol, acid, and others), which laminate cannot boast of.

3. Environmental friendliness of the material.

Quartz-vinyl flooring is non-toxic and manufactured without the use of harmful compounds.
Some models, thanks to the nanotechnology of sprinkling silver on the surface of the tile, have a disinfecting effect.

4. Types of joining and features of installation

There are two methods of mounting elements. The first method involves gluing elements to the base of the floor, and the second means installation according to the principle of a “floating floor”, that is, not glued, but assembled and disassembled.
Tiles with a lock joint are simply locked into each other during the installation process, and products with adhesive joints are glued to the base of the floor facing each other. There are also self-adhesive panels, the surface of which is treated with an adhesive composition during the production process.

Disadvantages of vinyl flooring

After reviewing the number of advantages, it seems that this coating is perfect and there are no disadvantages. Of course, there are, but they are few.

– If you slip on a vinyl floor in rubber-soled shoes, an extremely unsightly black stripe will remain. Rubber traces are almost impossible to remove from the covering.

– Scratches and scuffs easily form on vinyl flooring. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully remove sand from it and protect the furniture legs with felt when moving.

– This flooring option is not a budget option. But if you take into account the ease of care and repair, saving on the lining, then investing in vinyl flooring is quite profitable.
Is it a disadvantage? It’s up to you.

More about the project

Stop! You just have to see this beauty!
An elegant and exquisite bedroom in the style of minimalism.
Absolutely perfect design that fascinates.
A wall with a decorative stone became an eloquent accent of the interior.

The bed was designed according to our project in terracotta color, the bedroom has various lighting scenarios for the comfort of the owner. A decorative panel opposite the bed disguises the sockets and outputs for the TV, which is very well thought out from an aesthetic point of view. Everything else is hidden from prying eyes. In this project, after the redevelopment, we combined part of the corridor with the bedroom. There was an entrance to the bathroom separate from the bedroom and an entrance to the office.

Interiors should be beautiful because they inspire!

Location: Lviv
Project: Dark Side
Area: 16.1 m²


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