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Windowsill. How to choose the best option?

You may have thought that the windowsill is not an important detail in the interior, but when it comes to design, the wrong choice of windowsill can become like a fly in the ointment.
It will not be possible to create a complete project without it, so it is worth thinking about functionality, style, and meaning.

Important windowsill criteria

There is quite a wide variety of choices on the market, but the most important things to pay attention to are as follows:

– durability
– moisture resistance
– the possibility of recovery

Types of windowsills

Now they are made from almost any materials: from cheap plastic to exclusive natural stone, rare species of mahogany. Each option has advantages and disadvantages.

1. Standard plastic
Such windowsills are classic, budget options.
As far as the cons are concerned, then over time they have a tendency to darken and have scratches. They also have ugly plugs.

2. Windowsills made of moisture-resistant plywood laminated with the same material as the kitchen countertops. Also a budget option, but visually neater than plastic ones and more resistant to mechanical damage.

3. Artificial stone
Such windowsills can be created in any shape and size, are extremely durable, and subject to restoration.
Expensive, but fully worth the price.

4. Ceramic granite
Stylish, beautiful, and practical. Although, there are size restrictions, and not everyone likes the ceramic granite butt’s finish.

We can advise and help choose suitable windowsills for the interior, but only the owners have the final say!

More about the project

A living room that “breathes” warmth and comfort.
Conditionally divided into two zones: a dining room and a rest area with a sofa.
In the project, we envisioned a bio fireplace and a large TV, with all the wires hidden in a small niche behind it. In this way, the TV area looks super neat! The wall in this area is decorated with decorative plaster of a delicate texture.
There is a large soft sofa that invites you to relax and a beautiful armchair upholstered in bouclé fabric, which has conquered the hearts of many people.

If we talk about the dining area, the whole family can gather around a large elegant table for dinner and conversation.
The composition of the zone is complemented by elegant chairs and a beautiful delicate chandelier!
Imagine how nice it is to set it on holidays! Moreover, Christmas is coming soon!

• an armchair in the living room of the world-famous manufacturer Eichholtz

Interiors should be beautiful because our home is a place of our strength and inspiration!

Location: Konopnytsia village, Lviv region.
Project: Daiquiri
Area: 34.4 m²


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