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кімната для двох різностатевих дітей

A room for two children of different genders. How to create its space?

Agree that almost every second family has more than one child. Accordingly, the question arises of how to design a room for them that take into account all children’s needs. A children’s room is always a space for the child and about the child.
We have to take care of proper space planning, good quality furniture, and zoning.

Room design details

The brother and sister’s room should have a neutral design that will suit both a boy and a girl. So that there is a certain balance in colors, in order not to highlight someone in a certain color at the same time.
The room can be divided into two zones and decorated according to the child’s wishes. While choosing, take into account the interests of each child.
As for the beds, it’s great when the room is so spacious that there is space for two full beds! However, in most cases, there is not enough room, so it is advisable to use a bunk bed to save space.

What should be in the children’s room?

– beds (two ordinary ones or bunk beds, if there is little space);
– a wardrobe and additional storage space, toys rack);
– a working area, if children need to spend time at classes soon
– a zone for games, if they are toddlers or children of primary school age;
– a relaxing area where you can read a book, listen to music, etc.

More about the project

This incredible children’s room was created for two primary school children.
We chose neutral base colors and brought the story of the jungle to life!

Among the main solutions in this interior:

✅Interesting extraordinary beds made of natural wood with storage space.
✅The combined wardrobe with closed and open shelves.
✅Available relaxing area of an interesting rounded shape, located in the wardrobe.
✅The workplace is also interestingly decorated, there is a place to store books and other accessories

In the design of the room, we used photo wallpapers with giraffes, which are combined with the general concept of the design and lift the mood!
Just look at how incredible they are 🤗
They add a bright accent to the room!

Interiors should be beautiful because our children deserve them!

Location: Ivano-Frankivsk
Project: Fun Jungle
Area: 18 m²


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