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How to arrange a children’s room with respect to the future growing up?

Children grow up very quickly. Any parent can confirm this.
Children grow up, their needs, tastes and interests alter.
How to arrange a children’s room so that it does not lose its relevance very quickly and is still actual in the future?
Now we will reveal some secrets that will help you rationally organize the space for your child, as well as save your money.

Top 5 rules for a room with respect to the children’s growing up

1. We never forget about space zoning

It is good when it is possible to define several functional zones: work, play, rest and storage areas.
Each age has its own characteristics that should be considered.
Is it a room for a baby and then soon becomes schoolboy’s or schoolgirl’s, or for a high school student and a teenager.
We try to arrange everything in such a way that we can change the space a little without spending much money. For example, later add a workplace to the game room, etc.

2. Colors are extremely important

When we choose a color palette for a children’s room with a future perspective, we should abandon bright, caustic colors. According to psychologists, such colors can “put pressure” on the psyche of the child as well as yours.
The best choice is neutral pastel shades. You can not worry about monotony, because the interior can be easily “diluted” with colorful decor items and thereby make the space unique for children.

3. Furniture that will grow with your child

Furniture is quite expensive interior items, so it is best to choose wisely and think ahead!
Children’s furniture does not belong to the active, game category – there is a separate zone in the room for this, so there is no need to give the furniture a toy appearance.
It is best to choose a neutral bed made of durable material, such as beech or ash tree.
It is possible to think about a transformer bed.

4. Decor as the main design of the room

If it is better to choose more balanced and calm options for furniture and colors, then you have absolutely free hands with the decor!
Just the decor, thanks to the periodic renovation of the environment, which does not involve violating the integrity of the overall design of the space and making global corrections, allows you to revive the space.
Accents such as curtains, textiles, bed linen, pillows, carpets and posters with your favorite characters will revive the look of a boring space and quickly help change the atmosphere for the better.

5. Storage space as the main anchor of the room

Storage systems and places where toys “live” are an important aspect in the organization of children’s space.
Do not “clog” the space with storage systems too much, children do not like the effect of clutter.
Use niches, open shelves and hidden storage areas such as under beds etc.

We hope that, thanks to our advice, you will definitely get a cool children’s room, or contact us!
We will be happy to help you arrange a spacious and stylish children’s room.

More about the project

With the help of a magic wand used by our designers, this fabulous children’s room was created.
An atmospheric, fantastic room for a boy!
The most important thing is that it is designed for him to grow up and will be relevant for quite a long time, practically until the beginning of adolescence.
The room is in neutral colors, but with accents.
Giant whales on the Ukrainian ‘The O’ wallpapers make the space more interesting.
Instead of a wigwam, you can eventually put a desk and arrange a work area.
We have already separated it from the resting zone with a built-in LED backlight with the possibility of color adjustment.

Interiors should be beautiful, and also please their little owners!

Location: the village of Zubra
Project: Noir
Area: 15.5 m²


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