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The interior of the living room combined with the kitchen – a large combined space

The interior of the living room combined with the kitchen is one of the most popular trends in interior design nowadays.
Such a combined space allows you to feel the openness and spaciousness of an apartment or house and also provides convenience and comfort when cooking and communicating with guests.

Advantages of the combined space

One of the main advantages of such a combined space is that it creates a feeling of more spaciousness when compared to traditional living rooms and kitchens, which are separated from each other.
An open plan where the kitchen and living room do not have an intermediate partition and flow into each other. This creates a feeling of boundless space and freedom of movement.
Such a design creates an opportunity for a harmonious combination of functionality and aesthetics, which allows for improving the quality of people’s lives.

In order for such an interior to look harmonious, it is necessary to carefully choose furniture and decor. At the same time, it is necessary to adhere to one style in order to avoid visual overcrowding and disharmony.
It is worth paying attention to the furniture materials and the color scheme. For example, you can choose practical, moisture-resistant materials such as tiles, metal, and glass for the kitchen, and warm, pleasant-to-the-touch fabrics and wood for the living room.

One of the main advantages of this design is the ability to cook and communicate with family and guests at the same time.
In addition, combining the kitchen and the living room will make the apartment more spacious and cozy. This design is also convenient for parties and celebrations, as all guests can be in the same space without having to go to different rooms.

The next important element of such a combined space is the living area. It can be equipped with a variety of furniture, such as sofas, armchairs, tables, and bookshelves.
The choice of furniture should depend both on the style of your interior and your personal preferences. This design makes it possible to create a large space that combines the living room and the kitchen, where you can spend time with your family and guests!

Often, customers think about the future, if they sell their home or want to make other changes. So they ask to make life as easy as possible for themselves during the repair process and for the future owners if they still want to share the space.
For example as in the new project that we’re going to discuss below

More about the project

The owner’s wishes are always a priority.
For example, in this project, they chose light colors with bright and natural accents, as well as creating the most convenient functional space!

What did we do?
– we immediately selected a warm white shade for the walls in combination with a rich shade of wood texture.
– decided to add bright accents with the help of textiles and paintings, that is, elements that can be easily changed over time.
– we kept the height of the room as much as possible, so we chose overhead lights and a profile to hide the cornice for curtains.
– instead of a kitchen apron, we made hidden shelves for spices, glasses, and other kitchen accessories, which are closed by sliding doors.
– in order to preserve the possibility of separating the space in the future, we installed matte sliding doors; if desired, the doors can be hidden behind the wall and the rooms are combined into one large space.
– we also placed a cascading glass sliding partition between the kitchen and the loggia, which can also make the loggia both isolated and combined with the general space
– the owner wanted the most well-thought-out space, so that, for example when selling the apartment the new owners would want to separate the kitchen from the living room, the joint between the parquet board and the tile is made in such a way that it is easy to put it into practice and build a wall!

The interior has a large comfortable sofa, which is perfect for evenings with your favorite movie or chatting with friends.
The warm light of the chandelier, horizontal lighting, sconces, and spotlights emphasize the overall mood of this interior.

Interiors should be beautiful, at the same time as functional and practical as possible!

Location: apartment in the city of Lviv, residential complex Riel
Project: Transformed space
Area: 33.98 m²


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