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Scandinavian style in the bathroom

The Scandinavian style in interior design has long been considered one of the most popular in the world. This style originated in the countries of Northern Europe, where cold winters and short days inspire people to create cozy and bright interiors.
This style is known for its simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. It attracts people who want to create a harmonious interior in which each element has its own weight and meaning.

Scandinavian-style bathroom. Features

One space where the Scandinavian style can be particularly effective is the bathroom.
In the Scandinavian style, the bathroom should be functional, clean, and spacious. Such a bathroom uses a combination of classics, modernity, and cozy decor.
The color scheme of the Scandinavian style is white with the addition of colors that homeowners like. Such textures of natural materials as wood and stone are often used.
Tiles, usually white or gray, are used for the floor and walls. Wall shelves can add additional space for storing various accessories, cleaning and cosmetic products, and decor.
If you are looking for interesting combinations of furniture, colors, and natural textures in your bathroom, then the Scandinavian style may be just what you need.

More about the project

The bathroom in pleasant light shades, having interesting accents at the same time!
At the client’s request, we’ve chosen a contrasting floor tile.
As for the sanitary ware, it is of a stylish black color, adding refinement and elegance to the project.
The highlight is a large round mirror in a black profile with a backlight.
In contrast to the usual shower, we installed a modern glass partition wall.
The design turned out to be harmonious and quite spacious, even considering its small area.
Interiors should be beautiful, we immerse ourselves completely there for a reason!

Location: Lviv, Aurum residential complex
Project: Scandinavian notes
Area: 4 m²


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