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Ваша ідеальна спальня

Your bedroom is your personal space!

It is up to you to decide on the style of the room, and what shades and details to use. You create the character of the bedroom and the way you will feel in it.
Before starting work, we ask a few questions to understand what your wishes are:

▪️ What will I do? I will only sleep or spend evenings with a book in my hands there.

▪️ What is more interesting? Maybe a TV or a projector with a wall screen.

▪️ What is useful? Flower pots, air humidifiers, or any other devices.

▪️ What brings aesthetic pleasure? Wood texture, metal elements, or unusual paintings on the walls.

▪️ What do I dream about? Wake up on Sunday morning and have breakfast in bed.

From all these answers, a picture of your ideal bedroom emerges. Maybe you still can’t imagine how to combine it all into one, so that you feel comfortable there. However, the designer already understands what questions to ask next and what to offer in a specific case.

Leave only the most pleasant thing for yourself – to share your wishes and dreams, and we will take care of the technical issues – we will create a project design of your ideal space.

More about the project

Today we continue with the atmospheric apartment in Lviv, which we created for rent. We made the last two publications on our blog about it!
You remember that it is located in a rather old building with its own history and charm.

We wanted to preserve its authenticity as much as possible, to emphasize the high ceilings, and if possible to preserve the floor!

While developing the bedroom project, we tried to make it as practical as possible, despite its small size.
Instead of a bulky wardrobe, we used open shelves that can be closed with curtains if needed.
The doors and floor have been restored, thanks to which the design has a touch of old Lviv.
They painted it in white and olive colors, which combined incredibly with the dark wood on the floor.

Interiors should be beautiful because our life is worth it!

Location: Lviv
Project: Historical Lviv
Area: 17.53 m²


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