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7 корисних порад для дитячих кімнат

7 useful tips for children’s rooms

We remember how important it is for your child’s room to be the so-called outpost, a place where he or she will be safe and comfortable.
A children’s room is about games, learning, a bit of imagination and even messing around with friends.
We have earlier mentioned in the blog that first of all, your child should like the children’s room, not you.
It is necessary to take into account his/her tastes and wishes.

Rules are important for the children’s room

Therefore, a few rules that will help you decorate a cool children’s room for your kid:

✔️ It is necessary to zone the space (work zone, rest, game zone)
✔️ A lot of storage space in all possible places (there won’t be too much, believe us!)
✔️ You should not give too much color (it is better to choose one main color as a base and add several additional ones as accents)
✔️ Take care of high-quality light and its multiple sources
✔️ When choosing wallpaper, do not choose еру ones with multiple patterns (if you want to emphasize a certain wall, it is better to choose 1 stylish picture)
✔️ You should also not give a lot of different children’s elements, namely a carriage of different toys, and wigwams, because children grow up quickly. (It is better to make an interior that can be easily transformed into a more adult one if needed)

It is not for nothing that we emphasized at the beginning that the children’s room is a children’s space. The best decision before starting repairs is to talk to your child and hear him/her out. Only with this approach will the room really bring pleasure!

More about the project

Incredibly cozy children’s room for a girl!
Children’s dreams should come true, and we are glad to have a hand in it!

We have a responsible task – to create a space for a little girl, the one she would like, and most importantly, would be comfortable in.
The one where you could have plenty of fun, have a little mess, play with friends and then sleep soundly in bed.

The room was designed in advance, among the special wishes were drawings on the walls and colored paintings.
Our designers chose a combination of lilac and mint colors, it looks interesting and energetic.
An extraordinary bed with an interesting back wall as an accent element!
Also added rotating sconces, so that the child can easily place them in any position as needed.
The furniture is minimalistic with recessed handles because the first task was the practicality of the room.

Interiors should be beautiful because children’s dreams should come true!

Location: a house in the village of Remeniv, Lviv region
Project: Cheerfulness
Area: 14.8 m²

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