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мінімалізм в інтер'єрі

Minimalism as a way of self-expression. Why is it so appreciated in the interior?

Minimalism in the interior is a lot of space full of air, light, a minimum of decor, furniture, and the absence of unnecessary things. These are calm basic colors and simple shapes with clear lines.
The main thing in it is the harmony of the combination of all interior components.

What are the advantages of minimalism?

Interiors in this style allow their residents to “rest” from informational and visual noise. Allows you to come home and plunge into peace and harmony. Nothing superfluous, nothing distracting from thoughts and rest, if necessary.
The main principle of minimalism is thoughtfulness. You spend less time on cleaning, on household organization and save time due to a laconic, well-thought-out home.

A bedroom in the style of minimalism. Features

A minimalist bedroom is always a good choice.
Warm tones and space help to feel calm and comfortable.
The details that are characteristic of it are practical, compact furniture, laconic textiles, and pastel colors.

More about the project

A minimalist bedroom is a combination of aesthetic beauty and practicality!
It not only gives you the opportunity to express yourself as a person, but it will also be your “island” of peace and balance.
We made this project for a student girl who comes to her parents’ house for the weekend.
It was necessary for her to create a convenient, comfortable space and realize several of her wishes.

As a result, our designers implemented the following in the project:

✔️ placed a large free-standing mirror
✔️ added plants, for example, a large, beautiful flower pot
✔️ created a workplace in a minimalist style
✔️ placed a sconce above the bed, now you can comfortably read your favorite books there

To decorate the walls, our studio chose light gray decorative plaster.
A lot of wood is used in the interior, which makes the room warmer and cozier.

Interiors should be beautiful, even if we don’t live there all the time.⠀
Do you like this design?

Location: Lviv, a cottage on Orlyka St
Project: Gray Mood
Area: 14 m²

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