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помилки при виборі студії дизайну

TOP-3 mistakes when choosing a design studio

Without a doubt, the question of choosing an interior design studio does not happen often in our lives.
However, it is necessary to know how not to get in trouble with it.
In most cases, we focus on “like/dislike” design, but there are many other parameters to consider.

Factors that should not be focused on

1. Prices
Have you heard the phrase “A miser pays twice”? It’s the same story here.
In any case, whether with a designer or without, we will spend more or less the same amount on repairs, but the quality is important here!

Just imagine that you got the design in your hands with illiterate planning, mistakes in the drawings, and non-existent materials. With this, you will overpay several times, because in the process of repair, you will have to spend extra money on alteration.
Remember that Mercedes cannot cost as much as Tavria.
In our contracts, we always specify that all design solutions we offer can be implemented.

2. Trust, but VERIFY.
NEVER work on verbal agreements. Even if “I know him very well, he won’t let me down.”
Our studio works only with the conclusion of a contract with clearly defined terms of work.

3. Do not check how many years the design studio has been on the market and how well it implements objects.
This is a very essential point in the choice, believe us!
Because the longer the studio works, the more experience it has and the better the communication between its specialists is. Therefore, the projects are even more unique and individual.
During our activity, which is more than 9 years, we have received 4 international awards and are working on various projects with much effort.

More about the project

What is unusual about this kitchen-living room?
It is special – from the cozy combination of colors to the atmospheric view from the terrace!
The project is filled with air, lightness and at the same time quite ergonomic.

The interior is minimalist in the Scandinavian style, where we:

✔️ divided the room with wood-like tiles on the floor in the kitchen area and parquet board in the living room area, as similar in color as possible.
✔️ added a bright element – a brown-pink decorative brick.
✔️saved space and emphasized the Scandinavian style by placing wooden blinds on the windows.

It was also important for our customers to preserve the height of the room as much as possible, so all the lamps were placed overhead, without additional lowering of the ceiling.
The room has two exits to an open terrace, there is an extremely beautiful view of Castle Hill.
And this is one of the highlights of this project, without a doubt!

Interiors should be beautiful because we deserve to enjoy life every second!

Location: Lviv, Pid Holoskom Str.
Project: Open Space
Area: 34.2 m2


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