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TOP-7 accessories for the living room

How to make the interior cozier?
It’s simple, just use the decor.
But there are many hidden pitfalls in this case!
Decorative elements can spoil everything, as well as add coziness to the room, making it more complete and stylish!

What should you pay attention to when choosing decor items?
First of all, you need to choose according to the style and color scheme of your interior.
You can look at the options in the Internet resources, analyze and take into account your wishes!

Let’s imagine a living room and select the ideal decor options that will add some style and comfort:

1. Candles.
If you thought there might be many of them, then you were wrong! This is a win-win situation. Laconic exquisite candles in one style add warmth to your home 🕯
A variant from the group of three-wide monophonic candles of different heights or a high one in fragile candlesticks is possible!
(A group of three candles will always look good)

2. Plaid.
Warm beautiful plaid. Nowhere without it.
You can warm up with it and a cup of tea or coffee, read a book in cold evenings.
Please note that living rooms with such blankets look cozier.

3. Decorative pillows.
“Naked” sofa will not add atmosphere to the living room. It is best to add a set of pillows with different pillowcases, which are combined and complement the plaid. It will look complete and stylish!

️4. Large beautiful vase with dried flowers, twigs, leaves, or fresh flowers.
The content can be changed according to the season or wishes. However, it is quite an interesting accent in the living room and it will always attract admiring glances.

5. Flowerpots.
Here are some important details. It is necessary to choose flowerpots given stylish addition of an interior, not just because you visually like the plant.
It is also important to choose the right color pot that will fit organically into the color scheme of the living room.

6. Tray.
Now there is a huge number of beautiful decorative trays that will complement any interior.
They help to visually place small things neatly (jewelry, candles, favorite perfumes, and vases of interesting shapes)
You’ve probably seen these on Instagram, haven’t you?

7. Magazines, catalogs, etc.
Such details will also be useful in the interior of the living room. Stylish books, magazines, catalogs will be ideally placed on a coffee table or a curbstone.
The best colors are white or black.
They should be so beautiful that everyone immediately wanted to take some photos for Instagram or Pinterest.

More about the project

Harmony of style and elegance in the design of this beautiful living room.
As for the accents, in this project we highlighted 3 main ones:

▪️ A soft large sofa in dark green color combined with a yellow chair
Thus, the space looks interesting and fresh
▪️ An unusual fireplace lined with porcelain stoneware with metal imitation.
It has a shelf at the bottom made of wooden logs with lighting. It adds comfort and atmosphere to the room!
▪️ A table made of a solid wooden slab with a naturally uneven edge. A lamp with an overhanging shade-loving flowerpot is placed above it.

All this is united by the dark brown floor and the beige color of the walls.
The highlight of the project is also large panoramic windows and a chest of drawers with interesting cuts of wood.
Interiors should be beautiful, we dissolve and relax there!

Location: House in the village M. Turia, Ivano-Frankivsk region.
Project: House near the forest
Area: 44.9 m²


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