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5 tricks to make the interior look “expensive”

When starting repairs, there are always many questions that customers do not know the answers to.
This is expected because there are professionals for this and if you trust them to do their job, you can have less “headache”.
Although we want to tell you about a few secrets that we use and that will help create an interior design with a “wow” effect!

Secrets for perfect design

☑️ Color is important

An accent color will make a plain interior more “interesting” and more distinct. It is not necessary for the color to be very bright, you should just choose a contrast to the main shade.
For example, highlight a sofa or a chair!

☑️ Built-in furniture

In the vast majority of cases, built-in furniture looks more aesthetic, stylish, and expensive. Options with hidden handles and interesting ceiling lights also look good.

☑️ Hidden cables

Even the most elegant and stylish interior can be easily ruined by clumsily hidden equipment cables hanging on the wall. Take care of it in advance.

☑️ Plants in beautiful pots

A sustained balance of plants in the interior is very important. A few large, beautiful flower pots will only decorate the house, but many small ones will have the opposite effect.

☑️ A beautiful mirror in the hallway

In fact, starting from the threshold we can already evaluate the interior itself, so an interesting stylish mirror will only add refinement and elegance to your home.

Designers who work for your comfort and the feeling of having “your own” premises know many interesting techniques and secrets. They allow you to make the interior as much as possible for you and the way you want it.
It is essential to find “your” workmen and trust them.

More about the project

Elegant delicate kitchen-living room in the style of minimalism!
We used warm shades, as the customers wanted, in combination with the wood texture.
This space is calm and easy thanks to the abundance of light!
Harmony and clarity of lines can be seen in every detail.

– We designed a large bar near the window to drink coffee and enjoy the dawn.
– Terracotta dining chairs are a bright accent.
– We installed a bio fireplace that guarantees cozy warm evenings!

The most important thing is that the space perfectly conveys the essence of the owners!
As a result of fruitful work side by side, we got a wonderful interior.
Interiors should be beautiful, and also fully convey the essence of the customers.

Location: Kyiv
Project: Warm Minimal
Area: 34.7 m²


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