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7 steps to get a project design from GL Studio

You already have ideas in your head about what your home will look like, but you can’t put everything together without the appropriate experience. This is the case that we prepare a design project for you.

Steps to go through to get a design project

1️. Contact us: write on social networks, call or fill out an application on the website. We’ll arrange the first meeting with you.

2️. Meet us at the first free consultation. You share your preferences, wishes regarding the budget and show the housing plan. We select services according to your needs and budget, answer all your questions, and discuss the details of cooperation.

3. You sign the contract. We start with all the measurements and planning, fill in the specifications and send you the planning solutions in compliance with the rules of ergonomics.

4️. You approve the planning. At this stage, we have an unlimited number of edits before we approve the planning. You choose what you liked the most.

5️. You receive a visualization of each room from 3-5 angles, taking into account your preferences. After that, you have 2 more opportunities to make a list of edits for each room and choose your ideal option.

6️. Approve the visualization. After that, we develop a technical drawing, complete set, and prepare the entire package of documents for you.

7️. You get 3 versions of the project album: in hardcover for you, instructions for the workmen, and in electronic form. In addition, you receive a list of our partners from whom you can purchase materials at a discount.

More about the project

Even the guest bathroom should be aesthetic and interesting!
Pay attention to the unusual composition of the washbasin, mirror, and vertical niche for shelves.
In addition, the partition between the shower and the toilet became quite extraordinary, on both sides it has convenient shelves for the necessary things.
The highlight is a towel dryer in the form of honeycombs! It attracts attention, doesn’t it?
Interiors should be beautiful so that you want to look at them and enjoy them!

Location: the village of Konopnytsia, Lviv region.
Project: Daiquiri
Area: 3.4 m²


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