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Світло в інтер'єрі

Light scenarios in the interior ⠀

Very often, many customers do not even think about how important lighting is. Why does it play such an important role?
Now let’s discuss.

When repairing, it is necessary to plan the lighting scenario correctly so that it is not too dark all the time or vice versa.
It is very important to think everything through at the initial stage, and then a lot of issues will be resolved.

Steps for a successful lighting scenario

What steps can be taken for proper lighting in this or that interior:

– Zone the space with the help of light
– Make accents in the interior
– Create the right level of general lighting
– Think about the lighting of certain areas from a functional point of view, for example, lighting near the bed for reading, etc.
– Create a balance so that it is not too bright or dark

In any case, you are not obliged to think about it and implement it yourself.
By working with designers, you free yourself from these troubles!
If you choose a turnkey service, we deal with absolutely all aspects of repairs –  from planning the space to creating the most optimal light scenario and even decorating.
Everything to make you feel as comfortable as possible!

More about the project

A bedroom you will fall in love with at first sight.
Spacious and practical, not loaded with details.
We chose dark gray as the main color for the walls, the one behind the bed was selected as an accent wall in dark gray-blue.
The ceiling was equipped with double, built-in lamps.
A hidden light is placed in a niche near the bed for the comfort of the owners, while the hanging sconces are a decorative element.
An interesting point in the project is that all the furniture has legs or is hanging. This is done so that the robot vacuum cleaner can move freely and clean without outside help.
While you rest, it is cleaning.
There is also a wardrobe in the interior, thanks to which all things have their place.

Interiors should be beautiful, because how can it be otherwise?
Each of us deserves to be surrounded by the best.

Location: a cottage in the village of Remeniv, Lviv Region
Project: Naturalness
Area: 15.4 m²


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