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біоніка в інтер'єрі

There is no better creator than nature. About bionics in the interior

There is no better creator than nature. Do you agree?

People have always borrowed structures, elements, and constructions from nature to solve their technological tasks. However, now we actually live in the so-called urban jungle, surrounded by concrete, steel, and less and less greenery.
We are losing our sense of harmony with nature, moving away from it, so the need for this is growing every year.

The ecological natural direction is becoming more popular.
Many designers are inspired by natural elements and materials when creating their own designs.

This design of apartments and houses, in accordance with the motifs of nature, when using the latest technological solutions, is called bionics.
Gaudí was the first to use the structures inherent in the elements of living nature.
Harmony, a lot of light, and original ideas are important in bionics. This is a combination of the authenticity of nature and modern elements: technology and other benefits of civilization.
When creating designs, it is important to preserve practicality and create the most functional, comfortable space that does not clash with nature.

About bionics in the interior

When we talk about bionics, first of all, it is worth noting the symbiosis of nature and a comfortable interior. This is the case when, thanks to it, any room is unique, original, functionally thought out, and as comfortable as possible.
Being inspired by natural elements, forms and structures does not mean copying these objects or forms.
It’s about the feeling of nature in the design – shelves in the form of honeycombs or light airy tulle, like fog, real grass in clay pots, etc.
As for the light, it is soft, natural, built-in elements that are used for artificial lighting.
For windows, instead of heavy curtains, roll blinds made of fabric materials or bamboo or light tulle are used.
Here you should forget about acute angles and geometry, it’s about lightness and ergonomic characteristics.

The most important thing is the harmony of the combination of technological progress and the natural environment.
The interior in combination with bionics allows us to feel a sense of unity with nature, without giving up the benefits of civilization, to feel its perfection and beauty.

More about the project

Nature is the best sculptor, and it’s hard to argue with that.
It is the interaction of natural elements such as water, wind, and stone that inspired us to create this project. They form incredible bionic flowing forms that look extremely interesting and elegant.
Customers gave us freedom of action in choosing a style and color scheme.
We always carefully select every detail of your interior, because it can inspire and create comfort, as well as tire or annoy.
The designer brings your ideal space to life!
In this project, the decoration is dominated by natural textures and materials.
There is lightness and airiness.
Interiors should be beautiful because they have a great impact on us!
Do you like the design?

Location: Lviv region
Project: Sarver
Area: 29 m²


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