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Кухня в скандинавському стилі

Kitchen in the Scandinavian style: what are the main accents of this interior?

The Scandinavian style has long been at the forefront of interior design. It allows you to create an aesthetically simple, but universal and functional room.
For admirers of naturalness, it is like a spring in the desert.

The main advantages of the Scandinavian style

👉 Neutral color range
👉 A lot of natural light – large panoramic windows or their design with light, transparent fabrics.
👉 Finishing with natural materials. This especially applies to the floor and walls.
👉 Geometry of straight lines, open layout without partitions.
👉 Bright accents to emphasize the geometry of the space and mostly calm, monotone shades.

For example, herringbone parquet is texturally perfectly combined with most stylistic solutions in the interior. At the same time, it has excellent operational properties, thermal conductivity, and sound insulation and is resistant to deformation. Such a floor covering will last for many years, beautifully complementing the interior of the room and indicating the flawless taste of the owners of the apartment.
We use this style quite often in interiors because of its practicality and aesthetics.
It allows you to make the design light and spacious.

More about the project

To get imbued with the spirit of ancient Lviv. Feel yourself in a cozy atmosphere, where a sense of Galician hospitality is everywhere.

This project is implemented in an old Lviv building, where the charm of the last century has remained. High ceilings and atypical planning are a challenge for designers, but EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Even in such houses, it is possible to create a nice cozy interior with a little effort and desire.
We wanted to add a special Lviv charm to the design, creating a unified space from the premises. Among the interesting accents, we used vintage chairs in the kitchen and herringbone parquet in dark colors. By renting such an apartment, you will not only breathe the spirit of Lviv, but also feel at ease!
Interiors should be beautiful, even if we live there for a short period of time.

Location: Lviv
Project: Historical Lviv
Area: kitchen – 14.31 m², bathroom – 12.12 m²


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