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Hidden door. Both for and against

Today let’s discuss hidden doors. Is it worth it or not?

To begin with, it is worth saying that hidden installation doors are such door structures that are invisible in the room. Only the door handle, as well as a small gap between the canvas and the box, helps to find their location.
If desired, it can also be bypassed, purchase a special invisible handle and reduce the gap as much as possible.
The main task of such doors is to create a harmonious space, merging with the surface of the wall.
This is very convenient if several doors are planned in the room.

Advantages of hidden installation doors

✔Installation without molding. This feature does not affect the operational characteristics in any way. Meanwhile, they can be installed in any, even very narrow, place.
✔Alternative processing. The canvas can be painted or covered with wallpaper, just like the wall.
✔Resistance and durability. It becomes possible due to a stable aluminum profile.
✔Made for non-standard slots. Hidden installation doors can be made of any size and shape. Therefore, they are often used for an attic with a sloped ceiling, and the space under the stairs.
✔Good soundproofing and heat insulation.
✔ Ease of care. They do not require periodic processing, however, for long service life, you should avoid using aggressive detergents.
✔You can make it up to the ceiling and then they turn up even less noticeable. Plinths for hidden installation also go along – this is practical, due to dust resistance characteristics.

Disadvantages of hidden doors

Among the disadvantages, one can single out the higher cost of hidden installation doors and plinths for them. Also, if the door is painted, it can be difficult to wash off the dirt. It should be used carefully and gently.
Another significant disadvantage is that their installation is possible only in the early stages of repair.
Preliminary preparation is extremely important not only to decide on the place where the door will be located but also to think over the decoration, dimensions, etc.
Altogether, this will give us a harmonious and stylish interior.
Therefore, it is most advisable to seek help and advice from a designer!
For consultations, contact us directly.
We are happy to help you to create your perfect space!

More about the project

The incredibly beautiful bathroom for a young guy. It simply breathes lightness, style, and space.
No extra details, it’s minimalism in its purest form!
Among the design solutions in the project, you can highlight:

– Use of gray concrete-like tiles as a basis.
– The highlight of the bathroom is the green marble tile, which adds sophistication and effect to the interior.
– Spectacular black sanitary ware and accessories beautifully emphasize the minimalist style.

Interiors should be beautiful and should bring harmony to life.

Location: Lviv
Project: Brazilian quartzite green
Area: 4.8 m²


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