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Paint the walls or choose wallpaper?

The choice between painting the walls and using wallpaper for interior design depends on many factors, such as personal preferences, budget, style and room’s functionality.

Let’s take a closer look at what is better – painting the walls or wallpapers.

Firstly, painting the walls can be a more economical option as it is less expensive than wallpapering. In addition, painting may be more practical for rooms with high humidity or for those who are allergic to the materials used for wallpaper.
On the other hand, wallpaper can give your room a richer look and make it more interesting. Wallpaper can also help hide wall imperfections, such as cracks or unevenness, and create a sense of height or width in a room. In addition, wallpaper can be more durable than painting and does not need frequent renewal.

In any case, it is worth contacting interior designers. They are professionals who know how to make your home cozy and comfortable. They will help you choose not only the right color of the walls and their covering, but also choose furniture and accessories, place them in the space so as to create a harmonious interior. In addition, designers know how to make your home more functional and ergonomic, which will make it more comfortable to live in. If you want to create a beautiful and cozy home, contact interior designers and they will help you do it.

More about the project

Monochrome Cabinet in the interior!
The customer wanted a stylish design in monochrome colors – trendy, even a little bit bold!
Such projects are always interesting, and of course, everything worked out for us.

– A work desk and a folding sofa were placed in the office. So the room looks cozy and can serve as a guest one
– Wear-resistant quartz vinyl was chosen for the floor
– Decorative plaster for walls and ceiling
– Voluminous black panels behind the desktop have become a stylish accent
– There is lighting throughout the room’s perimeter

Let’s agree, it looks very impressive, especially the area around the workplace!
The interiors should be beautiful and motivate us.

Location: Lviv
Project: Dark Side
Area: 11.6 m²


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