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Location: Lviv

Area: 30 м²

The task: to create a practical, comfortable apartment for rent. This type of interior is distinguished by the use of more wear-resistant materials.

Result: In the project, we wanted to keep a separate balcony, but at the same time remain the kitchen-living room spacious, so we placed a large mirror on its wall. Such a decision helped to visually enlarge the space.
We moved the door in the bedroom to accommodate a large wardrobe.
To further increase the space in the apartment, we removed unnecessary partitions at the entrance.
The design of an eco-friendly theme uses natural materials in combination with a loft style.
The facades in the kitchen are made with a concrete texture with hidden lighting.
The kitchen-living room turned out to be not only stylish but also as convenient and comfortable as possible.
A comfortable bed, a dressing table, and a wardrobe were placed in the bedroom. A large wooden world map appeared on the accent wall.
The interior turned out to be harmonious with a successful combination of shades and textures, highlighted by an interesting spider lamp in the living room area.

Kitchen-living room




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