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Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Area: 82 m²

The task: to create a stylish Scandinavian interior.

The result: As our clients wanted, we designed a Scandinavian-style interior. A space-saving kitchen looks light and spacious with its good color selection. The furniture is quite capacious. Thanks to the vertical case, we fulfilled the customer’s wishes for the wine cupboard and hid the bulky boiler with the pipe. In addition we put an imitation brick on one of the walls. At our client’s request we hung a clock and a board on that wall. It is handy to write down anything you want there either some recipes or business ideas. The living room has a Scandinavian table and a stylish glass dividing wall. Delicate malachite color adds charm to the whole apartment. It smoothly flows from the kitchen into other rooms, including the bathroom.


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