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Location: Kyiv, Retroville shopping mall

Area: 890 m²

The task: to develop the interior design of the Shket & FaiNa family shopping store
The result: the store is designed and implemented in such a way that makes shopping convenient and calm.

Here is how we created the area for family shopping:

– A spacious room with an area of ​​890 m² could seem quite bulky for a buyer. That is why the navigation, developed together with graphic designers was a necessity for such a store.
– White walls and a minimum of elements mounted on the ceiling. They are mainly all modular and easy to use.
– Decor elements made of wood and light colors create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. This family store is spacious, laconic, and convenient for a buyer.
– A feature of the interior design of this store is the pattern of rattan canvas cut from plywood which is very beautiful spadework. The OSB plate covered with chaotic creative strokes is successfully combined with it.

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