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Location: Lviv

Area: 94 m²

The task: to develop an apartment design with replanning
The result: apartment design for a family that likes gray color very much. That’s why we added a lot of gray to the interior, but at the same time successfully placed color accents, making it stylish and cheerful.
Customers like it when there is a lot of open space indoors. So the wall between the kitchen and the living room was dismantled. With such a decision there is enough space to host many guests there. While sitting on a comfortable couch, you can have a great time and, of course, enjoy the atmosphere. The harmonious combination of shades and textures, accentuated by elegant lamps, will definitely provide a great mood for the day or evening.

Kitchen-Livivng room


Children’s room


Guest bathroom

Masters’ bathroom


Dressing room

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