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Location: Lviv

Area: 80,6 m²

The task: modern interior in the style of minimalism, natural materials, and a lightness of space – these were our client’s wishes.
The result: calm, pastel shades, zoning, and minimalist style not only kept the feeling of space and pithiness but also made the interior unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing. The basis of the color scheme is beige with accent walls in the living room, hallway, and bedroom. Green and wooden elements add coziness and create a feeling of harmony with nature. Rails are a unifying element of the whole apartment. The kitchen, made in the color of the walls, is completely non-standard – on the one hand, high cabinets for appliances and a hidden work area, on the other hand, a wide kitchen island. There is plenty of storage space, as well as a cooker and sink. The track lighting is hidden. An interesting geometry is created by the lighting that goes on the wall and ceiling. In addition, such a children’s room with play areas is a dream for every active kid.




Children’s room

Bathroom №1

Bathroom №2

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