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Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Area: 68,5 m²

The task: To design an apartment in a modern style for a family of 3, observing all conveniences.
The result: Modern style with loft elements. We designed the apartment in shades of gray combined with the wooden texture of the furniture. Some decor elements are made of metal painted black. The lamps were divided into groups that illuminate each area separately. The contrast of colors and lighting create a comfortable environment for staying in the house.

It is a functional design. For example, in the kitchen, we made a bar counter thanks to the tabletop, which smoothly goes into the window sill. Despite the small size of the bathroom, we managed to fit all the elements that our clients wished for. The number of cabinets in the apartment was increased by redevelopment. We rationally used the space to make the house as practical as possible for the owners.


Kitchen – living-room


Teenager’s room

Bathroom №1

Bathroom №2

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