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Location: Lviv

Area: 145 m²

The task : to develop a laconic cozy interior design with ethnic elements.

The result : a warm neutral color scheme, convenient zoning, lightness, and aesthetic satisfaction.
Light ethnic motifs add coziness and uniqueness.
The apartment itself is two-story with an incredible view of the High Castle. We made a redevelopment, thanks to which an additional storage room, a laundry room, and a large dressing room appeared, and the corridors were reduced in size.
The basic color is mint in combination with wood.
The apartment has a lot of storage space.
In the interior itself, we used many elements of Ukrainian production.
We tried to create one’s own personal cozy corner for each family member and connected the kitchen-living room area to gather everyone for watching movies on the projector and having cozy dinners.

Kitchen-living room

Hallway №1




Bathroom №1

Children’s №1

Children’s №2

Bathroom №2

Hallway №2


Bathroom №3


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