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Location: Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Area: 2500 m²

The task: to create a new design format for the Shket&Faina family shopping network, to select the materials needed and to monitor project implementation.
The result: we have analyzed what trading equipment the stores of this network are operating, as well as their business processes. One of the important factors was the tight deadline for the store opening. Planning of departments, recreation areas for children and adults, fitting rooms, individual items of trading equipment were developed and agreed.

The awards for the design and implementation of the project

Entrance zone

View of the baby’s department

Commercial equipment designed for zoning departments

Photographic zone

A lounge area for resting and charging your phone.

Area for the smallest visitors of the store

Decoration of the ceiling in the baby’s area. The overall composition is reminiscent of the silhouette of birds flying in the sky.

Consumer’s corner

Wall-mounted equipment and solutions for using space above it

Decorative ceiling designs

The solution in the jeans section

Navigation design developed by studio designers

Decoration of the walls in the clothing section for women

Advertising equipment

Other trade equipment

Wall decoration in the toy section

The small details of the project

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