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Location: Lviv, Ukraine

Area: 83,3 m²

The task: to develop an apartment design using natural materials and shades. Laconic, practical, and aesthetic dwelling.
The result: this time the modern interior style won our customer’s heart.
The elongated shape of the kitchen-living room did not become an obstacle. We zoned such space as the kitchen area, dining room, and living room. Light shades visually enlarged the room and successfully combined it with a two-colored kitchen. Glossy handleless facades added elegance and restraint at the same time. Illuminated display windows and massive wicker armchairs are the accents of the dining area. A non-standard sofa, a paunchy chair, and a bookcase are the trump cards of the living room. Just a paradise to relax! Hanging TV stand with an electric fireplace creates a delight for the eyes.
The bedroom deserves special attention in this case. After all, productivity during the day depends on our rest and sleep. The main accent is the wall behind the bed. Soft panels, as an extension of the headboard, are combined with wood and glossy MDF inserts. This gives the room a special charm. The beauty area is as if a separate island. However, it harmonizes well with the whole room.
The children’s room should be comfortable, spacious, and interesting. Parents’ practicality and the interior designer’s creative approach to children’s dreams give a worthy result. Cozy sleeping area, large play area, and space for reading or relaxing. Sports corner is like an island in the middle of the sea! It runs across the room. The climbing wall near the window is separated by a rope net. The painting wall is another feature of this room.




Children’s room


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