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Location: Riasne-Ruske, Lviv region

The task: to develop elevation of building design in the Bavarian style according to its construction.
The result: our studio has completed the exterior of the house, where windows and roofing have already been installed. According to its forms, we decided to make the design in the Bavarian style.
The house looks quite restrained and elegant:
– Finishing with natural materials. Wooden beams with white walls on a background distinguish the building and at the same time make it simple and practical.
– A combination of decorative brickwork and plaster walls. The same brickwork is made in different directions.
– The absence of unnecessary elements of decor, simplicity, and strict lines are successfully combined with the shape of the house as a whole.
– The attic, the color of the roof and windows complement the design and give a perfect look to the facade.
The Bavarian style also has a significant advantage as it is easy to pick up the landscaping around the house.

Existing condition

The facade design developed by us

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