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Location: Lviv, 8 Staroievreiska street

Area: 33 м²

The task:
To create a unique interior design of a bar-shop in the center of Lviv
The result:
At Artwinery you can not only buy sparkling wine or order online but also enjoy it right there.
Therefore, our project must be stylish, exquisite, and interesting at the same time.
We used a large number of individual elements in the design:
– a metal bar with champagne bottle inserts
– wooden cabinet with storage space and bottles exhibition
– a photo zone with comfortable armchairs, a large wooden and glass panels that imitate a label.
Bubble-free champagne is not champagne, is it?
Therefore, there are many imitations of bubbles in the interior of Artwinery. Pay attention to the lamps above the tables or round elements on the bar!
The theme of bubbles can also be traced on the ceiling with round wooden bars, in the decor on the wall with flowers vases, and even in the drawings of bubbles on the glass.
The project is completely impregnated with an intoxicating aftertaste of sparkling champagne!

I want to do the same!

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