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About the importance of wardrobe

The wardrobe is practically a mecca for every woman!
The issue of storing things is always relevant. Actually, this is what the dressing room is for.
It is convenient, practical, and hidden from prying eyes.

Why has the dressing room become so popular in recent years?
In fact, this is a fairly simple question – the whole point lies in comfort!

A dressing room allows you to solve many problems:

– Storage of seasonal clothes;
– The need to iron it often;
– Difficulties in finding things due to disordered placement;
– Large cabinets, and shelves that clutter the space.

There is not always an option when you can arrange a whole separate room for a dressing room, but it is still possible to find the best one.
A rational arrangement option is a wardrobe combined with another room (bedroom, attic, hallway, etc.) and decorated in a single style.

Why is the dressing room in the bedroom convenient?

Recall yourself in the morning. You wake up, stretch and start looking for clothes to wear. You don’t want to run from under a warm blanket to the other end of the house to get dressed, do you?
In this case, a small room hidden behind a sliding door, a tall cabinet or a shelf with a passageway is the best option!
Popular partitions made of transparent or frosted glass – they transmit light well and do not steal useful space due to their small thickness.

More about the project

On a place of strength – an extraordinary bedroom with temper!
Here are some interesting points worth discussing:

▪️the bedroom area provided by the developer was much larger, so we had the opportunity to separate the areas for a personal bathroom and wardrobe.

▪️ the door to the bathroom was installed under the ceiling height, which added lightness to the space.

▪️the customer wanted a vertical composition behind the bed on the wall, so we combined soft panels, tinted mirrors and corrugated MDF.
A hidden backlight was added to the atmosphere.

An important detail is that the ceiling is slanted and the sloping lines on the soft panels repeat the angle of the ceiling.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of this project is a stylish practical wardrobe! Its doors are glass, tinted, and darkened. You can turn on the beautiful backlight and enjoy the aesthetic look!

Now let’s talk about harmony.
Pay attention to the interior of the bedroom – all three doors in it are different.
It seems, o God, this is unacceptable. How can they be combined?
Although in the skillful hands of our designers, everything can be created perfectly! We know how to beautifully and aesthetically combine what, at first glance, does not combine.

Interiors should be beautiful, harmony is important in everything!

Location: Konopnytsia village, Lviv region.
Project: Daiquiri
Area: 17 m²


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