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About the nuances of repair in the children’s room

When you start the repairs of the nursery, you should remember the wishes of its little resident!
This is essential and we discussed the importance of this aspect in our previous articles!
However, you should not completely rely on children’s taste. Sometimes children are very changeful in their preferences.

Let’s talk about some details regarding repairs in the children’s room:

1. Zoning is important

The children’s room should be the warmest and brightest room in the house, if possible, of course.
In advance, you should think carefully about the areas important to the child: a work corner, a sleeping place, storage of clothes, toys, school supplies, and a play area.

2. Take care of safety

It is worth choosing safe materials, comfortable furniture without sharp corners, and ecological ones.
In addition, the door in the nursery should not be able to be closed from the inside.
It is also important to take care of the protective mechanisms for the windows.

3. Combined light

Light distribution is important in the nursery. One of the classic options for a children’s room is one general light source and several local ones in different areas for convenience.

4. The importance of color

When choosing a color for a children’s room, you should not only listen to the little owner but also take into account his/her temper. Respectively, choose colors according to psychotype.
Universal colors are soft, neutral shades from the middle spectrum of the color wheel: yellow-green, peach-green, emerald with light gray, etc.

More about the project

A delicate children’s room for a little princess
Spacious, bright, and having everything necessary for a comfortable stay.
The bedroom is made in pink and mint shades, which perfectly harmonize with each other.

✔️ Comfortable cool bed from @interia ua
✔️ Wallpapers of Ukrainian design from the O wallpaper

First of all, we did the redevelopment, combining the loggia with the room. This allowed us to increase the space and create a thoughtful finished project. This is how a zone with a gymnastic ring for training appeared, because now the room allowed it.
The working area was separated by a small wardrobe, having completed the zoning and simultaneously created a place for storing everything necessary.
The working area is highlighted in a gentle pink shade. Birds of paradise came to life on the walls as an interesting accent in the room!

Interiors should be beautiful and make children’s dreams come true!

Location: Lviv
Project: Family Nest
Area: 14.5 m²


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