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On Japanese style in the interior

Japandi style of interior is a combination of traditional Japanese style and modern design elements. It reflects calm and harmony, ideal for those looking for a minimalistic and balanced environment. Japandi gained popularity in Western Europe and North America in the 1980s and remains popular today.

The main idea of Japandi style

The main idea of japandi is to create a space that leads to relaxation and rest. Typical interior colors in this style are natural shades such as white, beige, brown, gray, and black. In addition, you can use warm shades or colors of green to create accents.

What is the characteristic of Japandi?

The main element of Japandi is minimalism and simplicity. Spacious rooms, low furniture made of natural materials such as wood and bamboo, soft lighting, and no extra details. Furniture usually has simple shapes, which allows you to emphasize its functionality and geometric lines.
Clean lines and simple shapes give the space a sense of lightness and spaciousness.
Natural materials are also used – wood, bamboo, linen fabric, and jute. They add warmth and natural beauty to the room.
Japandi style pays a lot of attention to lighting because it allows you to emphasize the shapes and textures in the room. The use of natural light is of great importance, and windows can be designed in a minimalist style, without curtains.
In addition, in Japanese culture, they strive for maximum efficiency, therefore more attention is paid to the functionality of furniture and interior items.
Also, in this style, it is very important to follow the principle of “ma” – the Japanese term that means “emptiness”. This means that the space must be open!

More about the project

Today we want to share with you our project – a beautiful bright living room.
The highlight of this interior is a fireplace decorated with natural stone and incredible skylights!
Together with the high ceiling, they add even more space and lightness
Wooden decorative beams add expressiveness to the ceiling and the overall design concept. One gets the impression that this is a living room in a country house, but not in an apartment.
It seems that it strikes right into the heart!
You want to light a fireplace to enjoy time alone or in some good company there.
Interiors should be beautiful, and give positive emotions and feelings of home.

Location: Truskavets, residential complex Versal
Project: Japandi space
Area: 23.3 m²


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