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5 exterior design trends in 2023

The exterior  is an essential part of any house, which allows you to create the first impression of the place of residence.
With this in mind, the design of the exterior of the house is very important and can influence the perception of the house.
It is a kind of business card that tells about your preferences and lifestyle.
In 2023, the design of the exterior of the house develops in new directions and trends.

5 trends in exterior design

– Environmental friendliness
Eco-friendly home design is becoming more and more popular as people are more interested in creating environmentally friendly spaces. The exterior of the house can be made more environmentally friendly by using natural materials such as wood, stone, and glass. You can also install energy-efficient windows and doors, which reduces the energy consumption of the house.

– Minimalism
This is another trend in the home exterior design that will be popular in 2023. Simple lines, the absence of unnecessary details, and the minimal use of colors are the main principles of minimalist design. It creates a feeling of peace and harmony.

– Industrial style
The industrial style of home exterior design is becoming more and more popular in 2023. It contains metal and concrete elements that create a modern and industrial look. Industrial style can be used for houses of different architectural styles, giving them a more modern and sophisticated look.

– Floor-to-ceiling windows
Floor-to-ceiling windows are a trend in home exterior design for 2023. This means that the windows will have a height that matches the height of the ceiling, which creates a sense of space and expands it.

– Technological exterior
In 2023, an increase in the use of technological elements in the design of the exterior of the house is expected. It can be the use of modern lighting elements, solar batteries, automation systems, and other equipment.
As for the exterior of the house for recreational projects, there are several reasons for its importance.

Reasons for quality exterior for recreational projects

First of all, the exterior of the house is the first impression a visitor gets when approaching the house. If the exterior looks “ugly”, it can negatively affect visitors and make a bad first impression of the project.
Secondly, when predicting the visitors’ attraction, the presence of a good-looking exterior can increase interest in the project and increase their number.
Thirdly, the exterior can influence visitors’ moods and emotions. For example, a bright, stylish exterior can lift visitors’ moods, and bring admiration, while a poorly designed exterior can cause unpleasant feelings.

More about the project

For example, we created exteriors for holiday homes in the Carpathians, on sloping terrain.
The main highlight of the project, without a doubt, is the view from the mountain down, where all the beauty of the Carpathian mountains opens up.
Large panoramic windows and terraces! There is an opportunity to enjoy nature and beauty, an opportunity to rest from the noise of the city.
The lovers of solitude will have a place to hide to enjoy a vacation alone with nature. The houses are built at a great distance from each other – they do not have common areas, which ensures greater privacy.
They have all the amenities for living.
It is very important to pay attention to the exterior of the house when creating recreational projects in order to create an attractive and cozy atmosphere for visitors.
Not only interiors should be beautiful, but exteriors also play an important role in our perception of the environment.


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