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About the organization of the bathroom

Organizing a bathroom has always been a special approach with a lot of significant details.

What is crucial here is that you need to start this organization at the beginning of the design, because communication is extremely important and plays the main role in the bathroom!

Details are important

You have to think about everything – the location of the washing machine, bathtub or shower, how many people are in the family, you need to place the toilet, sink, and bathtub properly.

This is the only way your bathroom will be stylish and functional.
The bathroom is not a place to save on anything. This is the golden rule.
Remember that, first of all, a high-quality bathroom is an investment in yourself and your comfort.
That is, you will not have to worry about replacing the pipes or buying a new faucet in a year. It is worth choosing once, but qualitatively.
The miser pays twice, the same is with plumbing, friends.

Lighting is extremely important in the bathroom

There should be a sufficient number of light sources because in this way you can not only zone the work area a bit but also make your routine procedures more comfortable.
The bathroom should be as convenient to use as possible.

The main accents of the design

When working on the interior of any room, you should take into account all the details and place the accents correctly.

Regarding the main accents of the design of this bathroom, it is worth paying attention to the following:

1. Facing the walls and floor with large-format tiles. The natural stone texture of the tile looks expensive and exquisite.
2. There are many storage spaces, open shelves, and a cabinet above the toilet installation.
3. Mirrors of an interesting shape with back light add elegance to the interior of the room.
4. There is a separate shower area.
5. Emphasis on black elements — faucets, towel rails, and lamps.

Thanks to such accents, we were able to create a functional bathroom space, as well as make the project original and exquisite.

Interiors should be beautiful because routine rituals are extremely important!

Location: the village of Zubra
Project: Noir
Area: 8.8 m²


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