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Kitchen-living room. Is it worth it or not?

You probably noticed that in recent years, the trend of combining the kitchen space with the living room has gained popularity.
In this way, the living space is expanded, as if there is more air in the room.

In fact, this is a very cool idea, if you approach its implementation wisely and with full responsibility, taking into account all the details. After all, as a result, the room must perform all its functions.

What are the advantages of a kitchen combined with a living room?

• visual expansion of space and increase of light sources in one area – two windows are better than one;
• the ability to place more furniture, equipment, and storage space, which is very important if there is not enough space;
• when we dismantle the wall, the space is filled with light and air;
• an opportunity to arrange a spacious dining area where you can meet friends, celebrate holidays, etc.;
• you can place one large TV in the living room so that save on buying a separate TV for the kitchen.

Let’s discuss the disadvantages of the kitchen-living room

Among the disadvantages, it is worth noting several important points:

• very often, even the most powerful cocker hood cannot cope with smells from the kitchen, so you will feel them in the living room, especially some specific aromas;
• you will hear the sounds of equipment used in the kitchen during cooking such as microwave oven, blender, meat grinder, etc.;
• it is necessary to clean more often in such a combined room.

More about the project

We added dusty pink color to this kitchen-living room, as a result, we got a combined space with the kitchen.
The fireplace area was decorated with stone-textured porcelain stoneware, combined with black rails and mirror inserts. It turned out very stylish and complete!
There are additional storage cabinets under the stairs, so we used every inch of space given to us as effectively as possible!
Among the interesting accents are black track lamps ☝️
And of course, the most important element of the kitchen-living room is a large dining table for the whole family and for entertaining guests!

Interiors should be beautiful because everything beautiful pleases the eye!

Location: the village of Zubra
Project: Noir
Area: 65.9m²


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