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Apartment redevelopment: Key aspects for designers

Redesigning an apartment is an exciting process that allows designers to create a space that will meet the needs and client requirements. This can be a challenging task as it requires knowledge of architectural structure, technical requirements, and stylistic decisions.

Key aspects that will help designers carry out a successful redevelopment of an apartment.

1. Thorough analysis of the space: The first step in the process of remodeling an apartment is a detailed analysis of the available space. The designer must carefully examine the plan of the apartment, taking into account the location of supporting walls, windows, and doors. It is important to find out the possibilities for optimizing the space and its functional use.

2. Studying the client’s requirements: Before starting work, the designer must identify the needs and requirements of his client. A conversation with the client will help to understand their priorities, and style of housing.

3. Functionality: One of the main aspects of apartment redevelopment is ensuring optimal functionality. The designer must carefully consider the needs of the residents and ensure a logical organization of the space. For example, optimizing the design of the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom for convenience and efficiency, etc.

4. Ergonomics: It is important to consider the principles of ergonomics when planning the remodeling of an apartment. The designer must place furniture and equipment in such a way that they are convenient and easily accessible. For example, the optimal location of the working space in the kitchen, the appropriate height of sockets and switches, as well as the location of appliances in the bathroom, taking into account ease of use.

5. Natural lighting and ventilation: Good lighting and ventilation are important aspects of comfortable living in any apartment. The designer must carefully consider the placement of windows, and the use of skylights, doors, and partitions to maximize natural light and ensure effective air circulation.

The involvement of professionals is a key aspect of a safe and high-quality redevelopment of an apartment. Consult an architect or designer with experience in working with living spaces. We will help you develop a new design, taking into account your needs and requirements, and ensure that all necessary technical requirements are met.

More about the project

We combined the kitchen and the living room into one space but placed the floor covering and lamps in such a way as to leave the possibility of dividing the room with a partition in the future. If this becomes necessary.
The kitchen-living room and the hallway were also separated by sliding doors as well as the balcony and the kitchen by a system of sliding doors that are easily hidden behind the wall. Thanks to this, the room can be further expanded.
The partition between the kitchen and the hallway was moved and mounted on the level with the living room partition. Thanks to this, they were able to allocate space for a large and spacious wardrobe. It’s so important to have plenty of storage space, right?
A part of the hallway and a small bathroom was divided into a pantry, with a washing machine and a dryer, shelves for household chemicals, and cleaning products.
One of the bathrooms has a large shower with a glass partition, a large mirror, and a wide sink. There is also one smaller guest bathroom.
The apartment is quite spacious and thought out to the smallest detail.
You should not be afraid of redevelopment if it allows you to optimally use the living space.

Interiors should be beautiful, even if sometimes more effort is needed to decorate them. Do you agree?

Location: Lviv, Riel residential complex
Project: Transformed space
Area: 79.3 m²


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