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Minimalism. Why are perceptions sometimes distorted?

Often, if you ask a person what minimalism in the interior is for him/her, you can get rather unexpected answers.
For example, this is a black-and-white interior without bright colors, a minimum of decoration and concrete walls, the absence of relief and overhead handles on the facades, etc.
Some generally distrust minimalism, because they think that there is practically no furniture in the interiors of this style.
In the modern world, clear lines of style are blurring, and everyone interprets them a little in their own way, based on their feelings and preferences in design.
When we discuss interior styles, it happens that the vision of a certain style and the vision of another person may differ. Therefore, in conversation, we always clarify with the interlocutor how he/she understands this or that direction in design.

Components of minimalism in our interiors

We would like to share with you the components of minimalism in our interiors.

1. Large-format finishing materials without unnecessary joints
2. A calm, mostly neutral color scheme, which is sometimes mixed with a small number of bright accents
3. Naturalness of materials, closeness to nature
4. The interiors are not overloaded with details, they have a lot of air and space
5. Nothing extra: if some element or object can be removed from the interior, and it will not become worse because of it, it should be removed.
6. There is less “noise” and protruding elements, so we use hidden doors, plinths, and recessed storage systems that go with the same wall level.
7. We create timeless interiors, which, like an individual wardrobe, can always be supplemented with decor and changed according to the mood.

More about the project

The multifunctional space of the kitchen-living room is divided into several quite comfortable zones: the kitchen itself, a recreation area, and a corridor.
Among the wishes of the owner was a beige color scheme with contrasting accents.
We chose ivory with a black accent color!
In the recreation area, you can comfortably accommodate a large company to watch a movie, play board games or just chat.
The interior should be beautiful, it should successfully combine textures, forms, and materials.
Do you like the design?

Location: Sokilnyky village, Lviv region
Project: Sahara
The area of the kitchen-living room is 27.5 m²


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