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The kitchen is the heart of the house

When we create a kitchen interior design, we spend quite a lot of time and resources. The creation process is a rather complex and painstaking one because it is necessary not only to take into account the aesthetic component of the design but also to think over a convenient and compact arrangement of the kitchen set and appliances.

The kitchen is the heart of the house

It is always full of life – eating, drinking coffee, reading a book or even working, everything happens here.
It is necessary to take into account all the details: style, planning, zoning, placement of equipment, and many other issues that seem like little things but are very important.
Therefore, you should not rely only on yourself; it is best to trust the designers who will help you follow the smallest details and make your kitchen perfect in everything!

Tabletop as a mandatory element of the interior

The work surface is not only an important functional and practical element of the kitchen but also plays an important role in the stylistic design.
Choosing a countertop is an extremely important and painstaking process because it must be resistant to scratches, cuts, and other mechanical influences, and easy to be cared for.
It is best to choose an artificial quartzite stone because it is one of the most durable and stable materials for kitchen countertops.
Such material is resistant to wear and tear and is not afraid of moisture and various damages. Countertops made of quartzite look solid and stylish, artificial stone is most often used in the arrangement of the kitchen, because it has different color options that can be easily matched to the color of the interior of the kitchen.

More about the project

Take a look at this soft color scheme and tell us you’re not excited. It is very unlikely, isn’t it?
Our customer dreamed of a kitchen in the Dusty Pink shade.
In addition, among the main wishes was the use of textures of natural stone, marble, and black accents.
They perfectly complemented the overall picture, creating a harmonious space where cooking becomes a pleasure.

✅ the area of the kitchen allowed us to make a large working space, the countertop was made of artificial stone
✅ the main emphasis is made on a glass display case with lighting, where glasses and other beautiful dinnerware are stored
✅ we placed a bar counter for light snacks or a quick breakfast
✅ for lighting, we used built-in spotlights, installed lighting under the upper cabinets and a pendant lamp above the bar counter

Interiors should be beautiful, especially if they are our dreams!

Location: the village of Zubra
Project: Noir
Area: 65.9 m²

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