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Interior design of a children’s room

A children’s room is always a space for creativity and interesting ideas! This is a special place in the house.
The interior of the children’s room should be harmonious, cozy and correspond to the age and needs of the child
The child will spend most of the time in his/her room while resting, studying, creating, playing, and communicating with friends.
Therefore, remember that any ideas for decorating a children’s room can be implemented only if the age and gender of the child are taken into account when creating the interior.
It should be a space for the child and about the child.

What zoning in the children’s room should be?

Correct zoning of the room will help create a functional and comfortable interior design. The child will spend most of the time in his/her room — resting, studying, playing, and communicating with friends.
Therefore, remember that it is necessary to arrange not only a relaxation area for children but also a working area, as well as a place to play. Use functional and compact furniture that will help solve several tasks at once, but will not clutter the space.

What should you pay attention to first when designing the interior?

The first thing to pay attention to in the process of designing a children’s room is the age of the child.
The layout of the room will depend on it, because, let’s face it, if the baby needs a play area, then the teenager does not need it and it will not be useful to him/her.
In adolescence, there is a need for a working area to do lessons with a computer and other equipment. Age also affects the general style and concept of the interior.
After all, with age, any interests and hobbies appear, which he/she will definitely want to depict when decorating his/her personal space.

More about the project

We decorated this room for a schoolboy in gray and green shades with the addition of wood texture on the floor and furniture.
We added wallpaper with a geometric print.
Of course, space zoning was provided, and cabinets and various shelves were added as storage space. ⠀
Added wallpaper with a geometric print.
The project turned out to be cozy, calm, and comfortable for the child, and this is the main thing!
Remember that children should be comfortable, this is completely their space.
Interiors should be beautiful because children learn to see the wonderful there!
Would you like such a room for your children? Do you like it?

Location: Lviv
Project: Gently Pastel
Area: 15 m²

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