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We are glad to inform you that we have received the “Quality Mark” award.

The company “Quality Mark” is engaged in the development of small and medium-sized businesses and holds a competition “The best services and goods of the year”!
The All-Ukrainian Quality Rating of Goods and Services “Quality Mark” is an independent comprehensive ranking program of Ukrainian enterprises based on opinion polls in different regions of the country, online voting on social networks, etc. The purpose of the rating “Quality Mark” is to identify and present to society the real leaders in the field of providing high-quality goods and services in Ukraine, promoting social recognition of these enterprises. Consumers are also actively informed about the results of the Competition. Our information partners are social networks and regional publications.

The honorary sign “Quality Mark” is awarded to those companies that entered the top of the industry ranking according to the analysis of financial and economic indicators.
According to the research results and analysis of the organizing committee of the Company “Quality Mark” the design studio “GL design” in Lviv was among the best and became a finalist of the Competition “The best services and goods of 2021” in the design studios category!

GL design has been successfully conducting its professional activity since 2013 in the field of design. During this time, a number of unique projects have been implemented, thanks to which we have managed to gain considerable experience and establish ourselves in the service design market as a professional, proven, and reliable partner and assistant.
The team of GL design studio is a creative and professional team, led by the founder of the studio, designer, and art director Petro Holyk.
The main tasks of “GL design” are comfort, aesthetics, functionality, and relevance of living space. In the process, the design studio carefully works out every feature and detail, so that the design project is not only exclusive but satisfies the customer’s expectations as much as possible. Here, each project is organized under strict control, so that the tasks are solved in a timely manner, with reasonable savings of money and time.
To confirm our high level among the achievements of “GL design” are +200 projects in more than 10 cities and 4 international awards such as Europe property awards, and cooperation with foreign customers.

Congratulations! We are honored to present the leader Petro and the team with the awards: the Honorary Cup and the Diploma “Quality Mark”, as well as the marking sign “Quality Guarantee” as an award for quality!

Lviv, 7 Halytski Pasiky str.
tel.: 0671234144

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