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Landscape design

The design of the project differs from the sketch in that it does not schematically, but precisely shows the layout of the elements of landscaping (garden paths, grounds, water structures, rock gardens, small architectural forms) and landscaping (trees, shrubs, flower beds, flower beds).

The design of the landscape project provides clear zoning and breakdown of the area into functional areas (recreation area, playground, reception area, entrance area, etc.). To the project of the landscape is added a list of planned trees and shrubs. Indicate the location of functional lighting fixtures and landscape lighting.

Professional design of private plots and landscaping of the territories is impossible without a preliminary elaborated plan of action – a design project of the landscape.

Plot, house and surrounding buildings, as a rule, perform in the same style. The task of the designer is to add and decorate the existing elements of the decor so that they all look harmonious.

Getting started, Peter Golik’s studio technicians prepare a technical assignment, supplementing the landscape project with detailed data (such as terrain and soil features) to minimize the risk of error in subsequent steps.

Landscape design and extras

  1. Development of landscape and small architectural forms.
  2. Exterior and plot lighting.
  3. Design of terraces.

Landscape and Territory (Paths, landscaping, alpine slides)

Small architectural forms (Arbor, fence, swimming pool design)

Design of terraces
Project stages:

  1. Terms of reference, measurements, photo fixation of the object.
  2. Planning decisions.
  3. Stylistics, general concept of the project.
  4. Visualization, lighting design, materials.
  5. Working drawings of the project.
  6. Author’s supervision, project implementation.
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